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Our Windows in Burlington

From classic and sophisticated to modern and trendy, Lake City Home Improvements offers a wide range of top-quality  windows in  Burlington to suit any décor.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open like a door, and by adjusting the left and right sash, you can control your home ventilation more effectively. Casement windows can be used on their own or in combination with picture windows.

These windows open to 90 degrees for easy cleaning.

Awning & Hopper Windows

These versatile windows swing open from the bottom or swing outward from the top. They are ideal for basement windows.

Single & Double Hung Windows

A traditional architectural-looking window, the spring-loaded balance system enables the sashes to operate smoothly and tilt in for easy cleaning.

Standard, full, or half screens are removable from the inside and the triple weather-stripping prevents air infiltration allowing for year-round comfort.

Single & Double Sliding Windows

Single and double sliding windows provide effective ventilation, with smooth fingertip control. Double tilt-in sliders eliminate the need to lift the sashes out of place for cleaning. Three-lite sliders are also available for those extra wide openings with end vent or centre vent operators.

Bow & Bay Windows

No other windows in Burlington add depth and light to any room like the beauty of a Lake City bow and bay window.

The bow and bay window is custom-made to suit your tastes and needs. Both windows come with an optional oak veneer, birch or white melamine head and seat, which eliminate the need for painting. For energy efficiency, the head and seat are insulated.

Greenhouse Windows

The greenhouse windows are engineered to be energy efficient. The fusion welded frames, in combination with weather seal, are double glazed and insulated base to keep out the cold.

The window is custom-made to fit right into your existing window frame. So whether you are replacing an existing window or adding space to your home, the greenhouse window will enhance the beauty and the value of your home.


Weather-resistant shutters add class and beauty to your home. Available in a number of styles and colours or you can combine colours and styles to create your own custom effect.

Lake City Home Improvements offers the  windows Burlington homeowners love. Get started with your personalized consultation – give us a call.

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